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Help with Miss Fortune please

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So here's a question. Would a full-AP Miss Fortune work better than a Hybrid-Miss Fortune (Both AD+AP)

I know both of these work really well, but I'm just not sure which one is better. I'd also like to ask for the runes, masteries, and build as well if you have an insight of which to use.

Thank you in advance.
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PowPowHammer Level 133 Galicia Bishop
I saw an AP mid Sona who basically wrecked us all, so just when you thought you saw it all...
May 16 2013
I saw an AP mid Sona who basically wrecked us all, so just when you thought you saw it all...[/quote]

Dear god. AP mid Sona.
May 16 2013
DemonSlayer Level 153 Reboot Kanna 4
Never go hybrid that is worst u can do for any champs
May 16 2013
dontran18 Level 98 Bellocan Cannoneer 1
I go AP Talon. How you gonna tell me?
Full AP MF kinda works if you have rylais + liandrys. Your E would do tons of dmg. get a Lich Bane somewhere in there too for the lawls. then a Zhonya.
May 16 2013
xfairytales Level 209 Khaini Phantom 4
Miss Fortune scales better with AD than AP. You can play her hybrid (I guess, since she does scale with AP on 3 skills), but trust me, AD would be better.
May 16 2013
eyeholes Level 143 Mardia Dark Knight
Omg. I just finished 2 games and I lost both. I was lvl 22 and literally more than half my teammates left.. WHYYY?
I'm sorry but it bothered me so much.. feed and leave.. at least stay.. :c
May 16 2013
Hybrid Ezreal or Kog are probably the only possible hybrid adcs
May 16 2013
plastic 10 division
May 16 2013
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