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Help with Miss Fortune please

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So here's a question. Would a full-AP Miss Fortune work better than a Hybrid-Miss Fortune (Both AD+AP)

I know both of these work really well, but I'm just not sure which one is better. I'd also like to ask for the runes, masteries, and build as well if you have an insight of which to use.

Thank you in advance.
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Hm. Full AP it is.

What masteries do I get? ;__;
May 16 2013
xfairytales Level 209 Khaini Phantom 4
Hm. Full AP it is.

What masteries do I get? ;__;[/quote]

If you are actually going full AP, even though I don't think it's as viable as AD for MF, go hybrid pen reds, armor yellows, and depending on which lane you are going, you might want either flat MR blues, scaling MR blues or AP/level blues.
May 16 2013
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