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Help with farming windrider scrolls

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peterthedark Level 145 Scania Kaiser 4
Just wondering what the quickest class to farm 2h watk scroll with would be.
Posted: June 2015 Permalink


LightZero Level 202 Zenith Dark Knight
@Rate teach me your ways.. I take at least half an hour.

Fastest for me has been hayato, anywhere from 30-45 mins
Jun 08 2015
Seodan Level 212 Bera Paladin Justaway Guild
Angelic Buster takes about 20 minutes[/quote]
Where are you training?
Jun 08 2015
Jack Level 230 Bera Demon Slayer 4 See what games, anime & art Jack is intoJack
@Seodan: Dennis just posted a video about this, but with hs and kanna, at golem's. temple 4 to be exact. just have kanna at the bottom, and then move back and forth and star bubble, easily clears map.
Jun 08 2015
Seodan Level 212 Bera Paladin Justaway Guild
just have kanna at the bottom[/quote]
Oh no wonder, I only have 1 computer avaliable avalible right now sadly
Jun 08 2015
AntiSenpai Level 250 Broa Blade Master See what games, anime & art AntiSenpai is intoAntiSenpai
I do Kaiser for 2 hand and Demon Slayer for 1 hand, both take me (I timed it) 25ish minutes.

I made level 0-10 gear with traces (70%) and made a weapon same way. This helps a ton and will cost you under 2 mil to make.

First I load the items onto my characters, this can be done with a second computer or by simply asking a friend to help, Load equips, some pots (I use power elixer and I've never used more than 3 per Kaiser while leveling up) and also 2 town scrolls.

Then I go to the Mage town (To lazy to look up how to spell it) go to Evil eyes and kill there until level 15, then go one map to the left to cursed eyes and kill till level 30 (You get a ton of elite mobs here and even a few bosses) after that use town scroll and go to mage place, use cab to sleepywood, go to gold beach, go one map left and look for a swiftness rune, use it and you'll hit 33 in no time.

I've done this a little over 30 times so far, for me it's a ton faster than golems (I don't have kanna and HS and I still get close to their times) ^^

Try it out for yourself, remember to have the gear though, the added HP and stat is great.
Jun 08 2015
SydNova Level 198 Bellocan Phantom 4
CherryTigers posted a fantastic guide on how to farm the scrolls for this event.
It takes him around 15 mins using an Angelic Buster with Kanna/HS/Winter EXP buff

Here is his amazing video
Jun 08 2015

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