Sad Mask
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Expert Throwing Star Handling

Increases total damage. Grants an additional chance to cast without consuming throwing stars or MP, and a chance to recharge 1 throwing star. (Will not generate more than the maximum throwing star limit.) When Expert Throwing Star Handling is activated, the next attack will always be a Critical Attack. (Critical is applied for Spirit of the Star, but throwing stars will not be recharged.)
Requires Spirit of the Star Level 5
1Damage Increase: 7%, Recharge Chance: 2%
2Damage Increase: 9%, Recharge Chance: 4%
3Damage Increase: 11%, Recharge Chance: 6%
4Damage Increase: 13%, Recharge Chance: 8%
5Damage Increase: 15%, Recharge Chance: 10%
6Damage Increase: 17%, Recharge Chance: 12%
7Damage Increase: 19%, Recharge Chance: 14%
8Damage Increase: 21%, Recharge Chance: 16%
9Damage Increase: 23%, Recharge Chance: 18%
10Damage Increase: 25%, Recharge Chance: 20%