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Gollux Confusion 1HKO?


So Ive recently got back into maplestory. Im a lvl 201 Hero. and after looking up on Gollux clear ranged I realized I have the damage to kill atleast ...

Bossing Ranges


I am level 199 1.24-1.44m damage 70% IED 153% boss i am having some trouble beating some of the chaos bosses i used to do. I know that the bosses w...

Shield Drops Reboot


What monsters drop the deimos, vip and kit shield? This is in reboot, if that makes a difference. Thanks...

Why do you main hero?


Just want to hear from Hero mains on why you stick with hero? There are so many more flashy more mobile more tanky classes, why do you stick with hero...

What is 5th job like?


I've heard they added it in a long time ago, but the patch notes didn't really show a difference, aside from a couple hyperskill changes....

Scrolling my shield


What would be better for scrolling my Terminus Shield, 60% Attacks or 30% trace, so it would be 20 att Vs 70All Stat...

Hero Rush Broken??


I just switched from a Paladin to Hero using the open advancement coin, and I'm enjoying the switch except for Hero's terrible rush. I notic...

Weapon Aura node


Is Weapon Aura useful for Heroes? Or should I just scrap it and use the slot for skill enhancements etc...

Hero node enhancement?


Which nodes should i enhance as a hero?...

Hero 5th Job


Guess its time to return to maple after a long break for 5th job. can anyone catch me up on whats going on ?...

Share your new range and damage


Post your Damage/Range after cap removal :)...

How are heros?


Hey guys, i was wondering if heros are fun to play. I got a high funded hayato but was looking for another class to fund secondary....

Hyper Stat calculator for Heroes

4 Well since V update reset our hyper stats, time for this thing again since last threa...

2H VS 1H Shield post 5th job


With the damage cap being capped at 10B, are 1H + Shield still the superior weapon of choice? Or would the 2H weapon multiplier be better?...

Friendstory Phone keeps crashing after I clicked anywhere

Okay, I was literally upset, because Friendstory Phone, I clicked Contact, Phone, and Message List, and the game just crashed, I took 7 attempts witho...

If you039re being kicked for quothack reasonquot as a hero, read thi


Currently there is a bug with our skill "rage" the damage reflect is causing us to get auto kicked for "hack reason". Just don...

V.177 Hero updates


* Fixed an issue where damage was decreasing for final attacks when attacking multiple enemies for Hero * Enrage: Fixed an issue where Ultimate Explor...

Are you 100% Crit? and how?


Share your %Crit and how you achieved it. Base: 5% Chance Attack: 20% Phantom Link: 15% Beast Tamer link: 7% Marksman Card: 3% Decent Sharp Eyes: 10%...

Swordshield or 2 Handed Swords Heros


Which is better in your opinion?...

Question for Heroes who Ursus regularly


I'm wondering if any other heroes experience this problem while fighting ursus.

What have you accomplished on your hero today?


So, what have you accomplished on your hero today. Ill star off 1. I made a new shield landed 1 70 tried chaosing got w.def then 30%'d now its 5att 4s...

Hero 5th job


Credit goes to @xxjarakudaxx for finding the video and to the creator of the video

Decent Combat Orders


Hey everybody. I've been, what I consider, funded for quite a while now and I was wondering how big of a different combat orders would make? Is ...

Road of regrets quest - help needed


Does anybody know how to turn off the self recovery skill from the crusader's guide? I'm stuck on Sorcerer in the Road of Regrets quest - I ...

Soloing bosses


What is a viable range to solo normal gollux efficiently and hellux over a decent period of time. Necessary PDR and %boss to solo normal gollux, empre...

Help me out?


I have a 319 att 2h fafnir sword, with i think 12 or 13 stars, could anyone determine what scrolls were used to make this weapon?...

Spell Trace During Fever Time


Hi so i recently switched from Dark to Hero. I got a two hand axe from a friend. And since fever time is coming soon i was wondering if i should buy a...

1.72 No update on Raging Blow?


"Hero 2nd Job Combo Fury: Added a function where character charges enemy when used while holding down the down arrow key. 3rd Job Int...

Tyrant RA or SW w/ nova eqs


Im not sure if I should pool all my fundings into either one, because frankly I dont know which is more efficient for its costs, I have a little over ...

Min range to solo Hard Magnus


I am a Hero in reboot, and I want to know the minimum range to be able to solo hard magnus within 20mins or so. I am able to solo normal magnus with 3...