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Hero Vs. Dark Knight

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Hello. Its been about 2-3 weeks since my last post about either making a DB or Evan. Well, I made a DB and I'm already tired of it Now, I have a new question about
what class to play......Hero or Dark Knight? I always wanted a Dark Knight (simply because of Dark Impale) but then again, I have ACA skill book for the Hero. Ive never played either classes listed so I want to know which one would be better to experience first. Which one is more funner/stronger/has more mobility?

Who will win....?
May the odds be ever in their favor
Posted: April 2012 Permalink

Hero Vs. Dark Knight

68%15 / 22The Hero of Maple World
31%7 / 22The Darkest of Knights


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Polls are tied...How am I going to make my decision?
Apr 14 2012
make different ones with a friend and you guys share the them, so you can play both and still do the same work of having one account!
Apr 14 2012
whatsgoood Level 172 Scania Blade Master
Heroes are the superior class in terms of damage. And Heroes get Raging Blow in 5-6 months which is gonna be one of the coolest skills in the game.
Apr 14 2012
Dark Knights= Amazing all round class.
Apr 14 2012
I'm not biased, but heroes are pretty awesome. I say open both. But remember, heroes don't reach their full potential up until Lv. 173... so if you want to have fun with a hero, stick with it.
Apr 14 2012
Final decision in 15 mins (5:00 PST)

So far we have Dark Knights in the lead. Lets see if Heroes can pick up.
Apr 14 2012
VulcanWalker Level 200 Bera Hero
I can't vouch for a Dark Knight, I've only leveled it up to 110. Dark Impale looks extremely cool. Higher crit rate, chance to heal, lots of mastery, beholder
Heroes deal a lot of damage, although we reach our peak quite late in the game. ACA (2x damage), Intrepid slash, chance attack activated by Panic (125% damage), no major defense/healing skills.
Apr 14 2012
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