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Hero or DrK?

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bovienkid Level 202 Reboot Hero
What is a better bossing class - Hero or Dark knight? The buff cooldown for gangir sucks. So far I've only played DRK and HB doesn't help much since bosses do HP% damage. The best thing is the 2nd life, making it newb friendly, but that has a huge cooldown. I'm about to get a fafnir weapon so I want to decide on what class before investing! Which class would be better for fighting bosses like cra, hmag?
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kennyowns Level 208 Chaos Dark Knight
Never played as a hero but as a Dark Knight I can tell you what I know.
Hecka good bossers, even if Sacrifice is on CD, 5th job skill + Hyper Skill + Gungnir is a pretty solid rotation
Really tanky and survival is good
We have spin to win move
Heros, I feel like are more consistent with damage as our damage is heavily reliant on Cross Surge and utilizing our Beholder
Dec 26 2016
kaxi Level 210 Renegades Zero Transcendent
It feels like you already know which class to play... if you have no complaints for Hero then play it.

I changed my main from DrK cuz I hate that you couldn't turn off the special effects for DrK...
Dec 26 2016
bovienkid Level 202 Reboot Hero
@kennyowns: Yes so we only have 1 extra life, and cross surge makes up a good deal of our damage, does that really make dark knight's have that much more survivability in the long run? Also the fact that we can't attack airborne (i.e magnus in the air).

@kaxi: I've never tried hero, but i will study it more. I know the playstyle can be different, not that the hero doesn't have flaws either.
Dec 26 2016
kennyowns Level 208 Chaos Dark Knight
@bovienkid not just that but hyper body and ironwill making it us sort of useful if you're still into party play. With the new 5th job patch, we can use Spear Of Darkness, Hyper Skill, and Gungnir if you jump at the right time. It sucks to not be consistent with skillsets but with some buff duration and cdr, in final pact, immunity and constant gungnir is a godsend when you don't want to think and simply buttonspam
Dec 26 2016
ieatrice08 Level 204 Windia Blade Master
Since most bosses do %hp attacks, physical defense does not really help which is what I would say heroes have over dark knight. Dark knight have lifesteal which actually gives them a ton of sustain in boss fights making them better than heroes in that regard. They also have access to the OP cross surge buff which multiplies your range almost double (400k becomes like 770k, 50k becomes 90k, etc). Gungnir also has fat damage % and takes advantage of cross surge multiplier and also a free life revival skill that gives more final damage. Heroes are more mobile and less clunky than Drk but not by that much so honestly. Heroes have less burst but more stable dps. I say go Drk because their sustain greatly beats heroes.
Dec 26 2016
prismtx Level 217 Khaini Hero
After 5th job the playing field tilts much more in favor of Hero. Now that we can actually see how much Combo Attack adds to our range and how Enrage effects our range, not even a fair comparison. Burning Soul Blade gives Hero a truck ton of burst damage combined with the proper enhancement cores and things like Decent SI or Decent CO, makes Hero the more preferable choice, imo.
Dec 27 2016

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