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Hero vs. Hayato

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PapaCub Level 103 Scania Shade 2
Hey guys, so I was wondering which class I should try between these two since I only have one slot left. Anyone mind giving some pros and cons of each. It would also be great if anyone could describe the gameplay and tell me which they think is funner
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hardtomiss Level 180 Bera Demon Slayer 4
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May 08 2015
hangwithhung Level 190 Windia Demon Avenger 4 See what games, anime & art hangwithhung is intohangwithhung
The way Heros work is they have "Combos" which are basically counters or charges. They utilize these charges to cast certain skills, such as Coma or Incising to increase the damage done on bosses, they use Enrage to increase their overall damage by... like 60% or something, and then they can have up to a total of 10 combo orbs which more than doubles your damage output by the time you max all your hypers. It's a simple class in the sense that you utilize very few skills (you have a total of like 4-5 attack skills, only one you'll use constantly while the others are either debuffs or used occasionally). Heros are definitely bossing classes, with their greatest damage output being directed toward bossing while their mobbing is mediocre and the damage is just manageable for the amount of funding you put in. Take away: Hero is a bosser, and a really, really good one. Heros are known to be "late bloomers" in that you do not reach your full potential until way, way into late game training because at that point you'll still be trying to max out your potentials, all of which increase your attack and damage per orb stacked, or on the main attack skill (Raging Blow) itself. In terms of defenses, it gets some form of damage reduction and can reduce about 30% of incoming damage, I think. However, it takes hits really easily and its old status as "the highest base HP" really means nothing anymore. Training's where this is going to hit you the hardest as you will be draining pots like crazy.

Hayatos play rather differently in the sense that they are rather hindered by spamming an individual skill over and over again. Of course you DO get Sanrenzan, which is the "main" mobbing skill, hitting extremely fast but has far lower damage relative to the funding you'd give to a hero. It's a chaining based class and in terms of its attacks, is probably one of the most mobile classes, despite its lack of a Flash Jump skill (which almost every class has, now). The %/line of Hayatos are relatively low, but they're fast and mobile attackers. They're okay bossers but don't have a 1v1 skill which increases damage on bosses, gives increased crit rates, or has a final attack, as most other warriors have. It's an interesting and fulfilling playstyle, though, for those who are willing to put even nominal amounts of funding into a Hayato and you'll find yourself shooting from 10-130 in no time if you know where and how to train properly. In terms of taking damage, Hayatos have a relatively high natural critical rate and with each critical rate that passes, you have a chance to recover some HP. After 165, you'll need quite a bit of funding in order to train efficiently using Sanrenzan at Stronghold but if you love the class, there's really nothing to regret. All in all, Hayatos are mobile mobbers which chain attacks in order to optimize their overall DPS but will require much more funding in order to obtain a proper amount of damage to train and boss efficiently, as compared to a Hero.

Good luck picking a class :]
May 08 2015
pokeystick1 Level 220 Scania Hayato 4
I used to main hero but it was sooo boring. It was just slash, rush, slash, rush, slash. I made it to 155 and I literally couldn't even. Tried out hayato and never went back.
May 08 2015
LightZero Level 202 Zenith Dark Knight
Of all the warrior classes hayato and probably kaiser have the most variation in skills (probably) and i think hayato takes the cake in terms of fun.
May 10 2015
rogue Level 1 Reboot Night Lord
Only problem with hayato for me tbh, is that they don't have a flash jump . I've grown so adapated to flash jump on all classes pretty much, that I can't get used to not using it to move around.
May 12 2015

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