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Heroes of Maple video Video

By keyan22

keyan22 Level 226 Khaini Evan 10th Growth Lucid Guild See what games, anime & art keyan22 is intokeyan22
Dec 03 2015 Also Demon Slayer`s art is different, orangemushroom`s blog will likely show it and everything else soon.

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weredoggy Level 200 Scania Mihile 4
Seeing all the Heroes fighting together reminds me of Kewra's sub-1min Empress video. He got all the Heroes together to contribute their lvl 200 Hyper and with Shade's soul split and bind, the fastest Empress run ever happened. Cool times.
Dec 03 2015
bluejl Level 200 Windia Bow Master
+3 Anime Shade is giving me a Gun Gale Online Kirito Vibe......
Dec 03 2015
vimi Level 122 Bera Aran 4
+1 Based on how the last Blockbuster went, it doesn't bode well for DS being able to save/recruit Damien
Dec 03 2015
ichii Level 200 Windia Phantom 4
I wonder how EunWol gets tied into the story, considering how nobody remembers who he is and all.
Dec 03 2015
wanton Level 197 Bera Shadower See what games, anime & art wanton is intoWanton
phantom lookin hotttt af mmmmmmmm
Dec 05 2015
maplenstory Level 212 Arcania Shade 4 See what games, anime & art maplenstory is intoMapleNStory
@vimi: There was a webtoon about Damien...apparently *spoils* his human body and his demonic powers don't go together. (gets slapped)
Dec 05 2015

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