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Hey Asians, how do I prounce this name?

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goodfortuna Level 195 Scania Dark Knight See what games, anime & art goodfortuna is intoGoodFortuna
idk but you can always ask her (respectfully!) what the correct pronunciation is. Or apologize if you're butchering it. Personally, I'm so used to people getting my last name wrong now that it's weird when I hear it spoken the right way.

Also this may just be me but it's a bit awkward when someone tries to get the accent right/speak Chinese to me, esp. if it's obvious that they're just doing it to "impress" me or other ppl and they've never taken Chinese in their life. I know this isn't what you're going just try not to give off that vibe!
Nov 01 2016
killeem Level 158 Reboot Aran 4
+1 ask her pssy
Nov 02 2016
aerial Level 213 Scania Beginner
@eternalmemory: actually, the Korean last name "Lee" is pronounced as "Yee" in Korea. It's just the English romanization.

I have never met anyone with /ri/ as their last name. I believe that's North Korea exclusive.
Nov 02 2016
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