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Hh solo Screen

By UchihaMikal

UchihaMikal Level 112 Zenith Dragon Knight
Aug 26 2010 10min!

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BlazingChees Level 194 Zenith Blade Recruit
Wow you killed it in Forgotten path.You are invincible there.In that spot
Nice try.
Do what above said
Aug 26 2010
lilseventeen Level 165 Broa Shadower
Cheater! >:/ Go be a REAL man and have to run away from it every time it gets near you!
Aug 26 2010
268078243 Level 198 Scania Bishop
the most annoying places where HH spawns is in the Hollowed ground and the signpost in forgotten path

trust me, those are the most annoying places for thieves and archers
specially forgotten path since that's where bf can spawn too!
Aug 26 2010
UchihaMikal Level 112 Zenith Dragon Knight
Thanks for the positive comments idc if its not a big feat or anything it was fun
Aug 27 2010
im lvl 85 strless range and i can solo at crossroads. i hav self HB but if i took it off i still would hav enough hp for a hit.
STILL u did a good job, its always nice to see a bowman take down bosses
Oct 15 2010

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