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Hi guys, its me again Lol

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bluemistar Level 170 Windia ShadowerSheriff
So I've decided to make one in Bera that i'll probably be making my Bera one my main... Would anyone care to add me, ixRedundant, and are willing to be my friend? I'm a nice person, I swear (Also made one in Khaini if anyone would be nice enough to add ixEccentric, but doubt i'm going on that one). Yes, I know. I'm sorry, I couldn't come up with better IGNs

Also, is there anything I should be aware of that is going on in Bera? Like anything I should know about or look out for? Thanks!
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nhan1st Level 167 Nova Marksman
Why would people add someone splitting their time between three different servers. People like active buddies yo not one that logs on once a week.
Jul 29 2015
chepfer Level 201 Bera Kanna 4
Welcome to Bera take a seat for our grande grandioso opening show, ok no the show is only me singing 80s disco music.
Jul 29 2015
qtwarriorxx9001 Level 141 Bera Shadower
ill be your friend :^)
buddy yiffkappa
Jul 29 2015
turnnn Level 203 Bera Night Lord
add iplacate and never look back
Jul 29 2015
dualofh Level 190 Bera Blade Master
Add TrashyArrow and im sorry if i spam my bl
Jul 29 2015

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