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Highest Mesos Youve Ever Had

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So i just started over in Chaos when it came out, I have never been able to merchant before and In that server I've managed to get my highest level 173 atm. And for the first time ever I have managed to get max mesos, I am Just wondering what is the most mesos you've ever had was and for those who what it felt like to get your first max mesos? Cause i was a little to excited
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ethan3210 Level 120 Broa Mechanic 4
300m... and then I spent 200m within the first few days... ._.
Aug 20 2011
before chaos the most id ever had was 30mil xD i just met alot of really awesome people and they helped me on my epic quest :O, i dun wanna buy anything now though =[ cause then i wont have it D:
Aug 20 2011
IcyHub Level 181 Broa Battle Mage 4
200m -.- now im down to 130, pot scrolls don't like me, i've blown up shoes and staffs now. never potting items again lol
Aug 20 2011
OmegaSin Level 142 Demethos Night Lord
Aug 20 2011
Steam Level 127 Windia Dark Knight
Roughly 2b in pure mesos. The exact day before I got hacked LOL
Aug 20 2011
1b i got so happy but i cant stop spending so now i have 20m
Aug 20 2011
DaMeng Level 90 Windia Angelic Buster 3
Effing rich kids above me.
Aug 20 2011
maj48 Level 207 Scania Mercedes 4 Reconcile Guild
Sold a PAC I got from gach for 300mil (FML) then spent almost 100mil
Aug 20 2011
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