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Hilla's rule over azwan Screen

By lilcellion

lilcellion Level 161 Scania Mercedes 4
Jul 26 2012 I don't think I've ever been more excited to post a picture on Basil than now >< Probably because I think this is the best drawing I've ever made, and I'm really proud of it for once Dx.

If you couldn't tell, this is a drawing of Hilla, lying down as she rules over Azwan with her arsenal of spears and skeleton army surrounding her. Idk how long it took to finish, but I worked frequently on the drawing for the past 4 days, trying to finish before the patch (...yeah, that didn't happen lol.)

Regardless, I read and took the suggestions that people made on my Jett drawing. I used a model this time (hallelujah) so the anatomy wasn't eyeballed anymore, while making sure that she had curves in all the right places. I also used the paintbrush tool for the first time on SAI and I think that really helped my poor coloring in the past. Also, huge thanks to my friend Jane who drew the outline of the skeleton hands. I'm already pretty terrible with hands, so after 2 hours of trying, I asked Jane and she just drew them for me lol.
I also want to dedicate this drawing (yeah, a dedication... it's lame, but overdue) to my one best friend! She always stays up with me and has helped me with my drawings since last year. She wanted to remain unnamed lol.

As always, please leave any comments, suggestions, or opinions on my drawing! Please be kind though, I'm just too proud of one of my drawings for once >_< Thanks!

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Thorontur Level 32 Bera Angelic Buster 2
+2 Just needs freckles and she can be a ginger.

EDIT: UGH HATE THIS. Since i cant like/rate yet +1 from me.
Jul 26 2012
iVege Level 10 Khaini
+2 She looks fat [/quote]

First thing I thought :x
Jul 26 2012
mrpawsteps Level 100 Broa Aran 3
+1 She looks way too pale, would be better if you colored in the skin.
Anyway, I love the way you drew her clothes, especially that loincloth
Jul 26 2012
lilcellion Level 161 Scania Mercedes 4
+9 I guess this is a lot to ask on Basil, but please do be kind x_x... I'm sure there are plenty of small mistakes, but I'd rather hear about large scale criticisms (like coloring issues, line art, etc.) rather than "she looks fat" or "she's ugly." Something a little more useful, I suppose. It would allow me to improve more in the future, and wouldn't clutter the comments. Thank you!

EDIT: Since some people have mentioned it, yes, the skin is white. Like, there's absolutely no color. Plain white. I suck at coloring skin, so in most of my more recent drawings, all the people have white skin. Saves me time and hassles lol. Just clarifying ><
Jul 26 2012
I'm not at all an expert artist, but there's something that kinda stands out to me:
the skin needs more work on it, it's all white, no shading
Other than that, amazing, +1 from me even though i'm not allowed to rate yet. Good work, and keep doing what you do, love it
Jul 26 2012
Zelly Level 149 Broa Night Lord
+5 what... the... ....
Jul 26 2012

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