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Hitting Cap on Buccaneer

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viceprez Level 141 Reboot Wind Archer 4
Hi guys, I've recently made a buccaneer on the new reboot server and i'm enjoying the playstyle so far. I was just wondering how much total Str and Atk one would need to get 2m-2m range, and how much they would need to hit cap damage or at least do the high end bosses(CRA, Hellux, H Mag, etc.)
Thanks for the help!
Posted: January 2016 Permalink


viceprez Level 141 Reboot Wind Archer 4
@wall: Dam nice, about how much % str/ atk would you say you got from bonus pot and what do your lines look like on bosses with resistance? I dont think bonus pot is avalible in reboot.
Thanks for the quick response!
Jan 12 2016

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