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Hockey Talk ( Stanley Cup )

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Schokoshake Level 122 Bera Dark Knight
San Jose Sharks. Will be a tough fight against Vancouver, though.
May 10 2011
daniel3b Level 113 Bera Bishop
Red Wings, making the greatest comeback in a while and are going to make it 3-3 tonight. They got the talent, experience, and momentum.
May 10 2011
pr3stig3 Level 129 Bera Bow Master
Bruins baby.
May 10 2011
tbh this thread is gonna be filled with canucks fan's, just saying[/quote]

Well they are the only Canadian team left so they have that going for them.
May 10 2011
Bruins or Tampa Bay or Detroit or San Jose.

Bruins are on a roll, 4-0 against philly, but philly hasn't been playing so great since the middle of the season, they let the caps take first in the east by doing so.
Tampa is unbelievable, 4-0 sweep against caps. What an underrated team, no one expected them to make it this far.
San Jose has finally gotten a more reliable goalie, and they have a lot of experienced players, but Thornton is going to have to step it up in the playoffs still.
Detroit has the most experience, making the playoffs for the 20th straight year, and with the most veteran roster out of the other teams still in it. Not to mention 4 cups in the last 20 years.

One of these four totally deserve to win it, and one of them will, but I'm not biased towards any of them. Good luck to all of them.
May 10 2011
sathu7 Level 210 Reboot Blade Master
Well they are the only Canadian team left so they have that going for them.[/quote]

May 11 2011
I think the Canucks might actually have a decent fighting chance this time around.

Go Canucks go?
May 11 2011
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