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HolyStrikerH: Shadower Vs RoyalGuardS Video

By itay07734

itay07734 Level 217 Windia Phantom 4
Nov 03 2010 Level 200 Shadower killing a Royal Guard Type S
RoyalGuard hp is 200,000,000 but the exp is worth it,
sadly I have already reached the max level, which is 200.
in this movie I leeched my brother that was 99.84% and
had to wear his Int gear so basically had to choose bossing or
killing skele or some other crap, rather bossing ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE SKY.

Hope you enjoy =]

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anisbro007 Level 141 Windia Night Lord
[url=]Lol someone already posted this. (:[/url]

OT: Anyways, it's pretty insane how fast you can kill RGS. Even with 1999 W.def as a monster hitting constant 500-600k hits(Assassinate) is pretty amazing.
Nov 03 2010
itay07734 Level 217 Windia Phantom 4
Hey! Awesome video, man! How much defense do ya have? I have 762! Is that enough to tank 8.5k damage? >:3[/quote]

when u're 0% , go ahead and try =]
Nov 04 2010
Can you use SE then change your gloves and still have the skill on or?
Nov 05 2010
do all thieves smile when they use shadow shifter?[/quote]

Yes. That is the point of Shifter. Whenever it works, then you smile. (:

Grats Solo Itay<3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 Why so Pro? *wants your autograph* (:
Nov 05 2010

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