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Kazdan Level 17 KradiaEMS Mihile 1
yes may please you help me?
Sep 14 2013
GreatRomantic Level 152 Scania Night Lord
The "correct" sentence for #23....doesn't even make's not even correct. LOL.

23. You don't even need the "excuse me" can just say "May I go use the restroom?"

24. What does "to moucher" mean....french for "to blow one's nose"? wouldn't need to go use the restroom to blow your fact...i think it's the same exact response as for #23

25. Are you done grading [or correcting] my exam? How well did I do? OR Are you done correcting my test? What grade did I get?
Sep 14 2013
Kazdan Level 17 KradiaEMS Mihile 1
i unable to do rest? requesting support
Sep 14 2013
Quickjumper7 Level 23 Windia
You can't just rely on the internet to give you the answers. Study some more and then try the questions.
Sep 14 2013
Hatchet Level 200 Kradia Bow Master
23. Excuse me mister, can I go to the bathroom?
24. I don't know what moucher means..
25. Are you done correcting my exam? How well did I do? What grade did I get?
26. She became more and more anxious every minute
27. The two policemen told me I was driving 100km/h.
28. He didn't see/watch the dark knight rises. Really? I have seen/watched it many times
29. She tried to wake him up.
30. Am I obligated to do my homework?
31. Although he had enough money, he refused to buy a car.
32. What time did you get home last night? I got home at 2:45
33. We love McDonalds. We enjoy eating there
34. They have been to the Cannes film festival.

Try to do the other by yourself, just practice and practice more.
Sep 14 2013
Kazdan Level 17 KradiaEMS Mihile 1
thanks i need help for # 37 to 51?
Sep 14 2013
CureSword Level 222 Scania Shadower Justaway Guild
38. How many seconds did it take you to finish the race? It took me 59 point 34 seconds.
39. How many minutes does the exam last?
40. I went to Quebec City.
41. We raised money to go to France.
42. I don't agree/ I agree
43. I appreciate your help.
45. Many people in the United States doesn't believe the "Theory of Evolution".
46. My uncle is homosexual. Thanks to him, I realized gays are normal people.
Sep 14 2013
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