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Honestly, why is this thread locked

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ashleyattacked Level 210 Scania Cannoneer 4 Reconcile Guild See what games, anime & art ashleyattacked is intoalisaattacked
Probably boring to most, but...there are plenty of people here who are probably not simply interested...but who could cheer up and find meaning in this, such as myself, etc:

I know it's standard procedure here, for some ridiculous reason, to close threads after a time...but...come on.
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andreaverilia Level 209 Windia Evan 10th Growth
Most of my oldest threads are locked for no reason at all.
Dec 26 2016
wellness Level 199 Mardia Phantom 4 Justaway Guild
Threads are locked after 3 weeks of inactivity. People were necroposting threads which were only relevant at the time of the post, so it turned into trolling/spamming/off-topic. You can ask for your thread to be unlocked, if you want, or post another. I was once told that you could repost safely after it passes a certain mark down the thread line.
Dec 26 2016
rixworkwix Level 210 Bera Shade 4
bumping threads from 3+ years ago was something i loved doing...then just stolen from me
Dec 26 2016
chopin Level 177 Scania Hayato 4 See what games, anime & art chopin is intoShinsuke
i would lock it
Dec 27 2016

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