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Horntail Prequests still needed?

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PublicHair Level 190 Windia Bow Master
Hey guys,

Came back to maple about a week ago and just hit 150 on my Bowmaster, I thought I'd try and solo HT since I can Solo Zakum in about a minute.

  1. Do we still have to do prequests for Horntail? If so, which ones are they?

  1. Can I enter horntail alone or do I need to be in a exped with people?

  1. Is there anyway around the prequests like an ingame item or cash item?

Thanks for your help
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coolbreeze69 Level 193 Bera Blaze Wizard 4
U have to have 6 people and do the prequest and theres no way around it. It sucks really bad I still havent been able to get enough people together to do it very annoying when you want the card and are capable of a solo
Oct 22 2013
JosephKoopa Level 207 Windia Kaiser 4
You need to do the Pre-quest that involves you getting certain items from mobs in Leafre to make a potion that transforms you into a cornian to enter the cave of life... One of the items needed is a "Manon Cry" which is obtained by Manon. *Evo World Manon is the easy way to get it if you can't find a Manon*

You need a party of 6 to do the Horntail Party Quest, but if you have the "Badge of the Squad Member" it can be bypassed, but if you want to run an expedition, at the time for some reason you need a party of 6 although they can be mules.
Oct 22 2013
PublicHair Level 190 Windia Bow Master
Is there any other way to get Badge of the Squad member without doing it with 6 people?

Windia is so dead I can't even find 2 people to do HT with me
Oct 22 2013
SainKookie Level 205 Windia Beginner Boundless Guild
@PublicHair: No way around not having 6 people for HTPQ. I could join you on my jett if you need people. I usually smega or ask my alliance for people to HTPQ on my chars that need the badge.
Oct 22 2013

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