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How I lost 5B in an hour. Yes another QQ story.

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5/23 is 22% or whatever. I lost 22% of my total assets tonight. I didn't put 18B there to flaunt. I say "only 18B" because that's 78% of my assets. Wouldn't you feel sad if you had 78m left after an idiot scammed you 22m? @___@

The final verdict is that I'm just going to keep liquidating everything into meso/NX then take a short break and play Dragon Nest. Thanks everyone who had something nice to say.

another edit! "meagre 18B" because I'm trying to compete with the "pros". You know, the ones with 50k ranges at level 150. 18B is nothing compared to them

I agreed to trade 3B and a 14 ATT mitten for my 95 ATT (3 above) VIP gun. Everything went well, except I forgot about the 14 ATT mittens when we traded. After like 5 minutes, I remembered then asked him for it. He ignored me, turned whisps and chats off then ran away and avoided me. So yeah, lost 400m I think

Then a girl comes and asks to buy my 15% LUK VSS for 70k NX. I accept. Before I do it, she asks me if I have anything else to sell so that I "won't get taxed" in MTS or something. Being amazingly tired and still annoyed at losing 400m, I said yes. I asked for a voucher and she invited a girl into chat. She had nice grammar and seemed respectable, so I said yes. So in the end, I traded her my clean 15% LUK VSS and 15% LUK earrings, and put up something in the MTS for 140k NX since she said she'd buy both for 70k NX each. Result? Catastrophic. She ran away and accused me of scamming her.

Not looking for pity or "DERRRRRRRRP YOU STOOPID" comments. I'm just in a state of shock atm LOL. I lost like 2 weeks of hard work, 2 weeks of my own time to merch this 5B in less than an HOUR. I know there are players who will think 5B is nothing, but to me, it's still a HUGE amount, and I'm just a bit sad. I know it was my fault for being so gullible and trusting, and especially in the first case, it wasn't a "scam", but I'm still very, very sad!

5B loss is huge to me since I only have 18B left. I plan to liquidate the rest of my meagre assets into NX or pure mesos and quit.

Lastly, to all honest, hard working, trusting, legit, non-scamming merchants: don't ever trust anyone. There ARE assholes in this game, and I just had my very first encounter with two of them.

If I decide not to quit, what should I do?
  1. Merch more with the 18B
  2. Give it all away (not a good option but kinda tempting atm)
  3. Start funding a character and stop merching

Regardless of whether I quit or not, I'm going to play Dragon Nest, so NX will be helpful.


Edit: I say "only 18B" not to be like all "OMG 18B IS SO POOR QQ", but so that you can see I've only got 75% of my ENTIRE assets left. That's like losing 25m and having 75m left. I know it was entirely my fault and I'm really unhappy at myself for being so stupid, but it's all over now anyway and I can't do anything to get my equips back. Amazingly, I'm not too sad about this anymore though since I've discovered three friends who have been extra wonderful to me and so supportive, and I'm starting to think losing 5B was worth it because I met these people. Thanks everyone who posted, and a bigger thanks to the people who took the time to whisper me. I know some people have been asking how I made 18B in the first place, so if you want help with merching, feel free to PM me.


edit 2: A couple of people are accusing me of scamming someone. I'm trying to talk to the person they say has been scammed by "me" (no , I didn't scam). I don't scam and I never have, and never will. No, I'm not closing thread because I know I didn't do it and see no reason to.
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RayEatsKids Level 110 Arcania Mechanic 3
I'm sorry for your loss, but I do admire at how you're taking this. It's disappointing how greed can blind the eyes of the children on this game, but this is when maple teaches you life lessons. You lose 5B now, you end up saving yourself from losing your house later when you do grow up in the years to come. Look on the bright side
EDIT: I suggest you fund a character. You don't have to go all out, but it would be nice to see 18B go into beautiful damage.
Jul 30 2011
Probably time for a new character , i had the same thing happen to me(kinda) but i lost 10b...
New characters make it better cause you don't miss your old damage
Jul 30 2011
That sucks ):

You should give the money to your gay friend who's running dry on mesos.

*nudge nudge*
Jul 30 2011
Sure you lost money, I DON'T EVEN HAVE 100M ?
Jul 30 2011
I would rather enjoy the game than be a multi billionaire. Wow, quitting with 18bill left.. I'm having a good time with less than 50mill in my pixel-pocket. Learn to enjoy the game and not focus so much on mesos and money. Maplers are the most stingiest people ever. It is why it has come to a point where being a multi-billionare has become a standard.
Jul 30 2011
hyperfire7 Level 230 Bera Aran 4 See what games, anime & art hyperfire7 is intohyperfire7
Sorry that happened, but looks like you didn't lose your entire asset.
Starting funding a character now and quit merching for a bit.
Jul 30 2011
I'd love to help you with option number 2
Jul 30 2011
SerenadeBass Level 160 Mardia Battle Mage 4
Ohh and, calm down, take a day/week off before doing something radical.

You're not in the right state of mind to make logical decisions
Jul 30 2011
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