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How Many Mesos

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wizardsofdra Level 150 Khaini Luminous 4
I'm Curious to know how much mesos you have.

I have 56 mil
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HastyHeist Level 157 Galicia Blade Master
around 300m atm
Jun 01 2013
Zephyrous Level 184 Bellocan Night Lord
262,564,917 mesos.
Jun 01 2013
Wolfss Level 220 Broa Buccaneer
LOL that gap between the poor and rich 2peopleabovel saying about to have 100b and most saying they have less than 1b, DAMN
Im in the middle I hav 20b in pure mesos and I honestly dont know how much more I could hav if I counted my equipes because alot of them are perm untradable
Edit @rushed your lieing, you are lv 200[/quote]

I am lvl 200, have played since right after Beta ended, and am not even close to being rich or op. Level has nothing to do with mesos, especially if most of your playtime is consumed by chatting the Fm Entrance all day everyday.
Jun 01 2013
I have 1.1bil but after I sell couple potted enpress shoulders I will have 3-5bil
Jun 01 2013
Wolfss Level 220 Broa Buccaneer

you are level 70 [/quote]

I'm sorry, I forgot that what Basil says must be absolute and this absolutely must be the only character I have. For future record, my main is a lvl 200 buccaneer in Broa. I also have a 172 Bishop and several other characters not listed on basil. The characters used on my basil are strictly meant for doing trades and merching. While I do neither of the two, they are still more or less listed for that purpose.
Jun 02 2013
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