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How can I reduce lag?

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Memolicious Level 158 Scania Shadower
I got Windows 7 (Home Premium) installed on my MacBook Air (2013) via BootCamp. The first day playing MS I had no lag issues at all, but the days after I was experiencing (minor) lags which are very annoying. My MacBook has:
- Intel HD Graphics 5000
- 1,3 GHz dual Core i5 processor
- 128 GB HD

I tried parallels and VMware before, and parallels desktop 7 worked fine untill MacOS 10.9 (Mavericks) was installed. This didn't allow to run parallels 7.0 on my Mac. So I tried parallels 9.0 and VMware, and those made me have this lags too.

I've searched on the internet to reduce it, but none of the advices helped. I tried the following advices:
- set power plan on High
- Task manager --> BlackCipher Priority on low, and affinity in CPU 0
- Task manager --> Maplestory.exe Priority on high, and affinity all CPU (0,1,2 and 3)
- set in game video settings on low
- diskdefragmenter
- CCleaner
- Razer GameBooster

Could anyone help me with these lags?
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calmkaiser Level 223 Bera Kaiser 4
Don't use a mac?
Apr 21 2014
iChosenDream Level 234 Scania Paladin
If the lags are minor, just deal with it. Heck I almost crash whenever I open the quest box, and whenever a boss uses a strong attack, my friend black screens >.<
Apr 21 2014
ImmaSoNoob Level 209 Scania Demon Slayer 4
ethernet and laptop cooler.
Apr 21 2014
Johnnie Level 16 Windia Cannoneer 1
I got Windows 7 (Home Premium) installed on my MacBook Air (2013) via BootCamp. [/quote]

hahahahaha this is funny. you basically have a PC which has a picture of an apple on it, and which you paid three times as much for and which is slower and laggier

and now your running windows on it - hahahahaha how funny, just go and buy a pc
Apr 21 2014
noobiest123 Level 210 Scania Wind Archer 4 Studio Guild See what games, anime & art noobiest123 is intonoobiest123
razer gamebooster doesnt work with maple. also, lag as in connectivity lag or low fps?
If it's:
Internet Lag: Pay for better internet or make sure no one's torrenting with your network.
FPS Lag: You can try deleting some unless programs on your computer. It worked for me when I deleted random games/programs I was no longer using
Apr 21 2014
its your laptop nothing u do will make u not lag
Apr 21 2014
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