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How do I deal with a flaming homosexual?

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Skaia Level 201 Scania Demon Avenger 4
yes hello there fellow basilers i am in a predicament
there is this disgusting child who has feelings for me
and dont get me wrong here i support homosexuality and i would be fine if it was anyone else but i really dislike him a lot
seriously he wont leave me alone every day he strokes my arm and whispers "lets frick" into my ears and follows me everywhere
i have already requested assistance from the officials but they wont do anything do you see my problem
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evyxx Level 200 Broa Evan 10th Growth
i dont see how this has anything to do with him being gay so much as him being a stalker

just tell him you donmt like him at all and punch him if he continues
May 15 2013
Quickjumper7 Level 23 Windia
Next time he does it, punch him in the nuts. He's homosexual so he won't need them anyways.
May 15 2013
BlueBlueBandit Level 122 Windia Blade Recruit
If he is on fire, the natural thing to do in that situation would be to get a fire extinguisher and use on it on the flaming homosexual.
May 15 2013
FSHikari Level 16 Khaini
Frick with him
May 15 2013
lilseventeen Level 165 Broa Shadower
Scare him with YOUR flaming homosexuality.

EDIT: obligatory OP is a [complete the thought]
May 15 2013
sparkshooter Level 183 Scania Bow Master See what games, anime & art sparkshooter is intosparkshooter
So, logically, you are a guy in real life?
I sort of have experience in this lol .
Whatever you do, don't give him any reason to doubt that you are straight. And don't make contact if you don't have to. It's pretty hard for guys to get over a straight crush, so don't encourage him. But don't be a jerk either.
May 15 2013
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