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How do I get more hp with ark?

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xsiddakid Level 162 Bera Beginner
Hi, I have a lv.160 ark with 8k hp. I was wondering how do I get my hp higher?
Where do I train with 8k hp at level 160 on bera in the meanwhile I get Gollux accessories?
Any tips will help thank you
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deeemon Level 211 Scania Hayato 4 See what games, anime & art deeemon is intoDeeMon
+1 Decent Hyper Body Nebulite for a whopping 40% HP. Oh wait, nexon removed it because too strong/likes to troll.

Link skills:
Cannon Master's Pirate Blessing Lv. 2: 10% HP
Kaiser's Iron Will Lv. 2: 15% HP
Beast Tamer's Focus Spirit Lv. 2: 4% HP

Hyper stat:
HP Lv. 10: 20% HP

Legion Member Bonus:
Dark Knight rank SS: 5% HP (too lazy to check lower rank stats)
Dawn Warrior rank SS: 2,000 HP
Mihile rank SS: 2,000 HP

Legion Grid Bonus:
Max HP 15/15: 3,750 HP

I probably forgetting a bunch of other stuff, but you don't really need HP. You can try spell tracing for HP, but that's like a Demon Avenger thing. Zero's Rhinne's Blessing can help a little too.
And then there's all these equips with HP % and set effects and stuff.

I trained at Kerning Tower star force maps. I barely got hit because can already one-hit kick-the-frick out of everything, dood (Basic Charge Drive is a kick, right?). I also used Advanced Legion Growth Potion because sometimes I'm too lazy to train.
Jul 09 2018

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