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How do you get the lvl 70 potion?

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blaziken662 Level 112 Yellonde Battle Mage 2
Hi there! I made a new BaM two weeks ago and i reached lvl 70 with it today but i didn't get the 1+1 potion... Do i need to accept some special quest? What do I need to do to get it?

Posted: April 2012 Permalink


I think you had to be an Aran, Evan, or Mechanic during the event
Apr 01 2012
FunMotion Level 128 Scania Buccaneer
Its you have to make an explorer, not resistance (IIRC)
Apr 01 2012
Only one character can have this potion.
You can't cheat and keep making others to get them.
Make a BaM, get potion
Make another Union buffed job, no potion
Apr 01 2012

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