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How do you know if a girl likes you?

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angelkinda Level 200 Mardia Mihile 4 See what games, anime & art angelkinda is intoAngelKinda
How do you know if she likes you, instead of genuinely being nice.
I talked to this girl I don't meet often, and told her that I liked her hair. She complimented the same thing after the conversation ended.
Does she genuinely like my hair, interested in me, or is just being nice?
Of course, this isn't much to go on. There's other stuff, but let's talk about this for now.
I made a thread awhile back about the same person, read it if you want to learn a little more about this backstory.

Your stories and suggestions are welcomed.
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norman897 Level 49 Cassiopeia Blaze Wizard 2 See what games, anime & art norman897 is intonorman897
+1 Does she play games with you on the computer?
Did she give you her number?
Does she play with her hair while talking to you?
Did she add you or did you add her on Facebook?
Does she laugh at your jokes?
When you say she took a while to reply to you, is she genuinely busy with school/friends/co-curricular activites/work?

That's about all I can think of off the top of my head.
Jan 11 2016
+1 just being polite like mama raised her to be, chill
Jan 11 2016
terrorface Level 234 Reboot Night Lord
Just ask if she likes you. lol
Jan 11 2016
wontpostmuch Level 71 Bera Wild Hunter 3
Honestly, it's hard to tell at all most of the time. But basically if you can nake her laugh and tell some interesting things about yourself, as well as showing you care what she has to say, you are in a good path to being able to ask her out.
Jan 11 2016
muffinsinc Level 210 Reboot Hayato 4
+1 Try murdering her parents.
You'll get a genuine emotional response out of her after that I promise.

But in all seriousness... asking how to know if a girl likes you works off of too many assumptions. Sure, there are trends and things people tend to do when they're around someone they like but that can vary depending on the person and it's just messy.
Want to know a super easy way to figure out if she likes you? Just ask her, or see if she wants to go out sometime. Doesn't even have to be anything crazy, you can just like meet up for lunch at Jimmy Johns or something I dont care. I mean, sure, bit easier said than done depending on how you handle women, but that's the option that gets you the answer you want without messing about with a ton of over-analyzing and assumption-making which will just stress you out.
Jan 11 2016
killeem Level 158 Reboot Aran 4
ppl like puzzles.. they drop lil pieces around its ur job to put em together. we dont have the pieces, u do. now use ya common sense n think..
Jan 11 2016
fradddd Level 170 Windia Hero
What I said in previous thread: "She's pretty much just setting you up to be friendzoned.
I mean, when girls say "awww", it's totally because they pity you. Unless they're saying it after you rejected them because you're playing hardball." Don't know if that has relevancy here.

@muffinsinc I've "met up" with my crush three times, once for lunch, but that didn't mean we were dating. What's the next step?
Jan 11 2016
shoutbox Level 30 DemethosEMS Page
@fradddd: yea its definitely the case LOL

sry op but if its like ur sayin shes def not interested in u
Jan 11 2016
fradddd Level 170 Windia Hero
@shoutbox what's definitely the case?
Jan 11 2016
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