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How does item Stat Transferring work?

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So i saw this option that says you can transfer stats of 1 item to another, so i don't really get it can i transfer stats from my Fafnir Claw into my Fafnir Dagger? or does it have to be the same items?
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Transfer Hammer works like this:

You can transfer from a lower level item to a higher level item.

This limit is 20 levels for items level 100 and under. 10 levels over level 100.


The equipment must be in the same category. Items such as Daggers must be transferred to another dagger. It cannot be transferred outside of their category.

The only exception are overall/top/bottom which they can transfer to each other. An example would be a Empress Overall to a Chaos Root Abyss Top or Bottom.


The stats that will be transferred are the amount of Star Force minus 1 and the Main Potential. If the main potential is higher than Epic it will be downgraded to Epic.

An example would be if you have a unique 9% Luk and you transfer hammer, it will result in an Epic 6% luk.

Bonus Potential, Boss Souls, Nebulites, and Scroll Upgrades will not transfer.

In Non-Reboot Worlds the item that is being transferred to must have all it's remaining upgrade slots at 0.


Transfer Hammers cannot be used with Superior Equipment.
Dec 19 2016

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