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How good is your internet?

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ereckgoose Level 240 Scania Buccaneer See what games, anime & art ereckgoose is intoPrivateereck
Also, wifi usually isn't the most stable connection compared to being wired.
Check model of router and modem and see if they are old and/or lack capacity.
We used to have 15 down/ 3 up plan for 70/month until it was apparently slow for my household. The next plan was a 55 down/ 5 up for 65/month.
We were overpaying for cheap service but now we have new Internet Provider, modem and router.
May 07 2016
norman897 Level 49 Cassiopeia Blaze Wizard 2 See what games, anime & art norman897 is intonorman897
~88 Mbps downloading and ~9 Mbps uploading.

My dad just recently changed the router.
May 08 2016
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