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How good is your internet?

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zoneflare4 Level 186 Windia Paladin
275mps $111/mo
May 08 2016
fradddd Level 170 Windia Hero
I swear to God, on every computer I've owned (desktop and laptop), with every ethernet cable, or with wifi, with any router/modem, I get the same meh speed. And my dad always gets about 2-3 times faster even though we're on the same network, and my phone gets slightly faster WiFi than my computer too.

YUP, it's been 11-14 Mbps every time for the past ~5 years with different components like I said (I'm on laptop with WiFi right now).
And, my phone got 17 Mbps just now...

EDIT: Comcast
May 09 2016
norman897 Level 49 Cassiopeia Blaze Wizard 2 See what games, anime & art norman897 is intonorman897
Some people here obviously can't pay for fast internet then.
May 09 2016
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