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How has everyone been over the past few years?

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ayaba Level 79 KradiaEMS Phantom 3
I don't really use BasilMarket anymore, especially since it's not as active as it used to be. Right now, we're all dealing with the pandemic in all sorts of ways, so I thought I'd take the time to see how the MS/Basil community is doing!

First and foremost I want to get this off of my chest. Personally I've been taking the time to reflect on many of the things I've done in the past especially when I was a dumb teenager (minor). Recently, I've been looking back and thinking about how immature I was all those years ago. Now I've grown (I'm in my mid-20s now!), trolling, begging endlessly, etc is something I no longer do and in fact shun now (stuff I've done on here as well). I don't want to see anyone else hurt others the way I did, so I apologise for my extreme toxicity towards others. I think people who know me long enough know what I mean.

Nowadays I self-study the Japanese language, play various games, draw, go to conventions (not this year because corona) and talk to people including my bf of 1 year. This is also how I've been spending quarantine. I play MapleStory on and off, but I also play other games like RuneScape, TF2 and various others. Bought ACNH a couple of months ago and it's a fun and relaxing game that I highly recommend!
I made a burning Pathfinder for the event and managed to get them to level 200! I've been drawing them a lot lately :V

Hopefully when all this quarantine is over, I will finally do something with my life and do all the things I've always wanted to do (but alas I'm on benefits rip) but I don't know where to start... Closest to a job I've had was part-time helping out at my grandma's hair salon, as well as doing art commissions for friends.

So yeah, how has everyone been lately?
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How has everyone been over the past few years?

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ayaba Level 79 KradiaEMS Phantom 3
@zigen: That's good. Mine lives on the other side of the country so I only see him during convention seasons (got to see him at a New Year's Party at a friend's house).
May 25 2020
pr3stig3 Level 129 Bera Bow Master
+1 Started up Maple again (Bera pathfinder) due to Covid, and getting nostalgic over the "good old days," including endless hours chatting and browsing random stuff over Basil. Sucks to see how inactive the community is nowadays.

Over the years since I've quit MS, I've gotten really into traveling and EDM. I love going out to concerts, raves, and festivals. It's always a guaranteed good time, and I love how open and inclusive the EDM community is. Currently WFH, and trying to stay active through walking around my neighborhood.
May 26 2020

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