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How i hold my map... Screen

By dvdstealer

Dec 25 2010 This is how I hold my map when I repot or afk....

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EnvyMe Level 203 Bellocan Paladin
They won't care if you're gone, since you can't hold the map like that, and the letters disappear with the loot, so there's really no point
Dec 25 2010
bigbubbybob Level 123 Bellocan Hero
This is awesome, made me laugh.
Dec 25 2010
Aksel2k Level 131 Khaini Evan 9th Growth
Lv89 In a new server already?

Dec 25 2010
Lv89 In a new server already?


was on second day of battle mage lol I have a 109 sader here too.
Dec 25 2010

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