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How many character slots?

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I was bored so I came up with something and decided to ask everyone how many character slots do they have? I have 17,
post how many you have below
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11, and started this account in the DA patch? so pretty good. its enough for me
Mar 29 2014
ArchBlade Level 162 Bera Blade Master
12, but missed a crap ton of free ones lol
Mar 29 2014
yoguy911 Level 195 Broa Blade Master
28 atm
only 2 more until cap
Mar 29 2014
lts033 Level 201 Broa Hero
28. Only 24 used even with zero mules
Mar 29 2014
Earlier Level 197 Windia Bow Master
4, new account.
Mar 29 2014
28. Only 24 used even with zero mules[/quote]

arent pirate mules better?
Mar 29 2014
DkWhut Level 204 Khaini Dark Knight
I have only 18 on my account.
Mar 29 2014
arent pirate mules better? [/quote]

Zero mules have 48 slots I believe.
Mar 29 2014
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