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How many characters do you have on Basil?

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clownified Level 142 Arcania Dark Knight
I have 15 on here so far but I'm trying to remember all of them before I log on because I'm way to lazy for that.
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chrisjohnson Level 216 Windia Paladin
1 on Basil. I'm not putting my link characters in because one of the IGNs isn't allowed in this website.
Aug 06 2015
flamepc Level 210 Broa Zero Transcendent
Just check the individual's profiles and see for yourself
I don't see the point of you asking, but... 23.
Aug 06 2015
xicrunk Level 175 Bera Evan 10th Growth
36 chars on basil gotta catch em all
Aug 06 2015
ecarina Level 245 Galicia Cannoneer 4
36 on Basil.
Aug 06 2015
tranquil Level 30 Scania Fighter
I have more on my main maple account but can't add them for reasons.. (like my legend >.<
Aug 06 2015
nestortight Level 142 Scania Legend
Whats the max we can have?

Yea, dumb basil won't let us add Legends. Pretty lame Mr. Basil. Pretty Lame. So many years have gone by and still no Legends on basil.
Aug 06 2015
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