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How many characters do you have on one account?

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Renkotesu Level 212 Khaini Night Lord Renkotesu Guild
Hello and welcome to my thread. This is just a fun post asking all of you this simple question: How many characters have you made so far, what classes are they and what are your plans for them now or in the near future.

For me, I'm at my limit of 32 characters, all of which reside in Khaini. You can find all of my listed characters here.

Notice: To those who had an issue with adding more characters to BasilMarket, I kindly asked Mr. Basil to expand the character limit, which he did to a maximum of 50.
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SainKookie Level 205 Windia Beginner Boundless Guild
I currently have 30 on my main account and 32 on my old main account.
And I have about 5-10 on other worlds cause I like visiting other places other than Windia from time to time

P.S. Nice bread
May 30 2015
QuackOutLoud Level 207 Khaini I/L Arch Mage
l currently have 30 characters (except one char, all fourth job or above) with one free slot right now on my main account.
May 30 2015
Momijii Level 165 Khaini Legend
I honestly don't know. Three full pages.
May 30 2015
RetroQlty Level 198 Scania Shade 4
I have 8 in Scania but I am maxed out in Bera. I do not play in Bera anymore though = /
May 30 2015
LightZero Level 202 Zenith Dark Knight
40-45 on main acc
May 30 2015
quil Level 207 Windia Bow Master
i have 24 characters all over lvl 100 i have plans to make a zero and beast tamer as soon as i can
May 30 2015
KelvinCEO Level 206 Windia Mechanic 4
25 characters
May 30 2015
dmcasian Level 151 Windia Dark Knight
3 in Bellocan
6 in Windia

Windia was where I did most of my playing, but I switched to Bellocan because I wanted to play my Hero again.
May 30 2015
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