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How many cubes

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Hey Basiil, so I'm on the path of finishing my Maple Pyrope Skanda! I currently have 3 Lines Unique, with all stats 6%, 8% critical rate, and 6% total damage, I am looking into buying enough cubes to obtain 30% boss damage! I was wondering on average how many cubes it takes to reach 30% boss damage? (or even 20% boss damage) Also does 30% boss damage apply to LHC monsters? Thanks!
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Ragsco Level 185 Windia Demon Slayer 4
30% boss damage doesn't apply to LHC monsters.

And you could get 30% boss in 1 cube or 100 cubes, it's just luck.
From personal experience, I'd say it takes about 10-15 cubes to get 30% boss, if you dont care about the other 2 lines. (didnt take that long for me)
Oct 17 2011
no it does not apply to lhc monsters there considered mini bosses
Oct 17 2011
I agree with argon. Your stats seem pretty legit for LHC at least.
Oct 17 2011
ChrisChrisChris Level 204 Scania Shadower
I'd definitely keep the claw you have now. o_o
It's worth quite a bit as is...with the cubes that it'll take to make it 30% boss and some half decent stat, you'd be losing money on it.
Oct 17 2011
alright, guess ill keep the stats thanks guys! Anyone know if the visitor's event is ever going to come back? =O
Oct 17 2011

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