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How many of you guys are old players? Nostalgia

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zane3341 Level 204 Kradia Night Lord
I'm talking way way back. You can just say you are lol, back it up with proof. I remember when I had to wear a green apple suit during tutorial and having to roll for stats. The best memory is probably HHG1 where 4th job Mages would always spam their ultimates. Those were the days!
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hamdeamon Level 211 Bera Dawn Warrior 4
I played back when being level 50 was equivalent to being level 200 today.
Even though being level 50 was more of an accomplishment. I'm talking Pre-Pirate.
Nov 30 2014
itoldyounoob Level 221 Arcania Paladin
Making characters with the rolling dice. I remember spending a good 10 minutes trying to get 10+ luk on my roll for a thief.
Slime tree, panlids, HHG1,
Kerning Pq tracking. Those were the days.
Nov 30 2014
zane3341 Level 204 Kradia Night Lord
One of my favorite memories was getting killed by C-rogs, robos, and trojans at Kerning City PQ XD. Stupid summoning bags...
Nov 30 2014
Effectivs Level 186 Bellocan Bow Master
I guess this is a daily thread then? Seem to find one each day on here.
Nov 30 2014
Nicolas28 Level 40 Broa Assassin
I remember buying a panlid in henesys entrance for 100k, damn i was pro back then with my I/L with that full lvl 40 set of equip and all the equips were black
Nov 30 2014
mla123 Level 202 Renegades Night Lord
i remember playing when curse eyes were in sleepywood and i got trapped there because they were too high leveled for me at lvl 21 lol.And when they the the explorer job statues in Lith Harbor
Nov 30 2014
Acogs Level 202 Bera Phantom 4
Well, I started Maple around 8/9(?) but I'm 17 not almost off to college... wow lol. But I liked Pig Beach and the Iron Pig
Nov 30 2014
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