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How many starts do I have

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nivoreloaded Level 200 Scania Hero
Back after 10 years lol, trying to take 5th job on my 200 hero. I see I need a 10 stars item and total of 100. I put stars on some items, but I;m not sure how many stars I have in total, how do I check that? Also to get to 100, is that only on the equip I wear or total in my inventory?
btw, I remember Scania was 100% full, and it's dead, and FM is empty, what's the deal?

Posted: September 2018 Permalink


capnmurica Level 33 Bera Cleric
i respecto the 10 yearzo noplayo. someo people hero sayo they noplayo 1 montho is long timeo idiotos hurhurhur
Sep 04 2018

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