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How many times have you changed your main?

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garrettshot Level 222 Khaini Aran 4 Contagious Guild
Why can or cant you stick with one class?

I've only changed my main once and that was from I/l to Aran when I/l lost the ability to spam blizzard.
How bout you basilers?
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saiytex Level 176 Bellocan Cannoneer 4
I changed my main once from a Night Lord to a Cannoneer because I find them more fun. And %LUK is waaaaay more expensive than %STR (In my experiences.)
Jul 27 2015
tac0dit Level 187 Scania Shadower
Jul 27 2015
kiryuin Level 142 Khaini Wind Archer 4
i/l>hayato>cannoneer>wind archer>kanna
Jul 27 2015
thalavore Level 217 Windia Shadower
This is the first character I ever made. Still my main character. (:
Jul 27 2015
vimi Level 122 Bera Aran 4
Once. Originally main was a DS, then Zero came out and it's been my new main ever since.
Jul 27 2015
brettasm Level 202 Bera Night Lord
a lot but my main is a NL now and i don't see myself switching, plus all my other previous mains are link mules now so it wasn't a total waste
Jul 27 2015
xerun45 Level 206 Windia Night Lord
I don't change my main, as much as I make a bunch of new characters, level them up a decent amount, delete them if I feel like never playing them again, but mostly I just stick to my NL.
Jul 27 2015
rollsback Level 200 Scania Evan 10th Growth
Buccaneer, Evan, Marksman, Evan.

I didn't find a main until Mutiny, the pirate revamp. After a while, I quit to play my level 63 Evan. It was 181 when I quit to play a marksman when red came. I quit maplestory for the first half of the school year, then came back and played Evan.

There's a bit more but I want to keep it short.
Jul 27 2015
reivax88 Level 194 Scania Wild Hunter 4
When I first started playing MapleStory ('06ish), I had the same main for years because, back then, getting a character really high was a crazy accomplishment.

These days, my main switches pretty often simply because of how simple it is to level up. Once you get to a certain level, it feels repetitive and you just want to move on.
Jul 27 2015
ecarina Level 245 Galicia Cannoneer 4
I initially mained my F/P but changed to my Marksman when BB hit. Once my Marksman was level 200, I went back to my F/P, and once she hit 200 I mained my Hero for a little while. After that I went to my Paladin for quite a long time before I had to quit for school. Once I came back, I mained my Cannoneer and that's where I'm at now For a while (between my Hero and my Pally) I didn't really have a main and would just level up a bunch of characters to 200. I ended up settling on my Paladin once I got a Legendary Tempest ring and had to figure out which str class to put it on.
Jul 27 2015
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