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How many tries did it take you to upgrade to SweetH2O?

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Elementos Level 203 Bera Bow Master
I don't know if the %rate is very very very low or I just have bad luck.

32 times already and counting (Im out of denarios )
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wiiman360 Level 210 Reboot Evan 10th Growth
took me 26 tries for my gun... now im saving for transposing the overall and then ill try to get the other equips.... if they still have a drop rate which i doubt at this point
Jan 11 2014
RadiantSnipe Level 210 Zenith Aran 4
4 tries to transpose my polearm
Jan 11 2014
About 30 times, and I still can't get it. -.-
Jan 11 2014
Narwhol Level 210 Bera Zero Transcendent
My overall worked on the first try and I thought cool this is easy. Bought a cape and have tried around 30 times with no success and no denaros left.
Jan 11 2014
Anthoy84 Level 196 Broa Zero Transcendent
7-8 times for my Dual Bowguns.
Jan 11 2014
kraze159 Level 185 Scania Night Lord
IS there a daily limit to how many times you can tranpose an item?
Jan 11 2014
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