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How much does it cost to 15 star fafnir

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shdo Level 200 Scania Buccaneer
I have a faf gun perf scrolled with 15s. All I have to do is go from 11star to 15. How much will it cost with star force enhance
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edatron Level 220 Kradia Kaiser 4
Depends on your luck, and if it will destroy your weapon or not.
Sep 15 2015
fallenlink Level 212 Bera Hero
Anywhere from a few hundred mil to bils, all depends on luck.
Sep 15 2015
waylon Level 210 Khaini Wild Hunter 4
It took me 200m for 15 stars on my xbow but I was pretty lucky
Sep 15 2015
sayno2physics Level 221 Kradia Evan 10th Growth
Spent around 1b to get 3 wep to 15, while my friend took 2b+ just on his wep
Sep 15 2015
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