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How much mesos have you acquired in your whole maple life

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Title says all.
I've acquired about....400m mesos in all <<<<<<<<<<ahaha i know it fails but some ppl are noobier than others
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like 800mil.
I'm not much for keeping money.
Jul 19 2011
I think around 1bil. Most I've had at once was like... 450mil.
Jul 19 2011
I have, right now, 30m, and that is the HIGHEST AMOUNT OF MONEY I EVER HAD.
Well that just proves i'm not a nolife!
Oh, i miss the days that 100k meant a lifetime to us... so naive
Jul 19 2011
haha nice guys
all mostly above 1bil
i admire u guys ^__^
its alright bro 30m is fine to noobs like me
so dont get too down
Jul 19 2011
i used to have over 5bil in equips on my bishop
and bout 7bil on my mech
but screw scania
Jul 19 2011
Uhm.. I currently have 600m? I'm hunting for an Angelic blessing recipe for that extra 500. xD
Jul 19 2011
Are you just doing this to see who to hack?[/quote]
actually im not
i just wanna see how much mesos people have acquired
thats all
Jul 19 2011
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