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How often does Pianus spawn?

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Caneocan Level 148 Scania Blade Recruit
I've been looking for a couple days and I have only seen the left Pianus once. How often does it spawn?
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I've heard it's REALLY rare o_o

Once every 4-5 hours?[/quote]

lol, so off
it was either 24 and 36 or 18 and 27, something along those lines
Dec 08 2011
boom2121 Level 203 Scania Paladin
Something should really be done about Pianus. >.>
Anywho, I suggest you start looking early morning - noon on weekdays; I found one that way.
Dec 08 2011
lol, i jsut killed 4 pianus in winda in a row 10min before
Dec 08 2011
Lohd Level 229 Bera Bishop
They're really rare, takes a few hours, except the left might take longer to spawn than the right..can't be sure..but I can't even find Pianus..and I really want to do the Hero's Will Quest.
Dec 08 2011
Amurie Level 162 Windia Wind Archer 4
36 left side
24 right side
Dec 08 2011
Dude if you're looking for Pianus in Scania I think you have better luck finding Manon and Griffey. -_-
Dec 08 2011
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