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How to Get and keep decent HB (Hyper Body) Rent Skill Video

By fishsticks23

fishsticks23 Level 143 Khaini Blade Lord
Nov 01 2011 A small quick tutorial on how to "Rent" Skills.

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Shatterss Level 159 Broa Blade Master
So I have an off topic question if you don't mind...
The 2nd pendant slot lasts for only a period of time right?
and How do you get your version of those rex earring?
Nov 01 2011
Lol, the skill rent has been around for a long time. I guess it's fair to report, since it is glitching. I won't argue against that.[/quote]
Good on ya mate ^^ nice vid to rent me some HB pants : D
Nov 02 2011
ToFurkie Level 184 Scania Mercedes 4
Note to other people, once you have the Decent Skills, do not re-equip any equipments with those skills. If you put an item with the decent skill back on, it will once again be removed if you take it off, unless Nexon magically made that no longer so which kinda makes sense, if people don't stop cubing at HB then Nexon makes more money if you think about it.
Nov 02 2011
BabyVietBui Level 187 Khaini Dark Knight
After you've obtained Hyper Body without the pants. Can you still move the skill around?
Nov 02 2011
Disquised Level 138 Bera Blade Recruit
@BabyVietBui After you glitch any Decent Skill, it will stay in your Beginner Skill Book so your free to put it anywhere even if you happened to take it off your keyboard by accident.
OT: I feel that this "glitch" is beneficial towards the economy of MapleStory because it stimulates it in a way that people are being provided a fun, cool service that they pay for so it's not that only one part benefits from it. Nexon will agree that this glitch is harmless because it doesn't attack the game in a bad way.
Nov 02 2011
Deletion Level 220 Bera Wind Archer 4
You have such a sexy voice.
Nov 04 2011

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