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How to be a Villain Screen

By quasar

quasar Level 205 Demethos Hayato 4 Pandas Guild See what games, anime & art quasar is intoQuasar
Dec 20 2014 Now you guys can become terrible villains! Hooray!

Note: This comic was made entirely for lulz. Any attempts made to discuss the content of this comic in a serious manner will be laughed at.

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LovingNight Level 219 Scania Mercedes 4
+1 Cute! and so true..
Dec 21 2014
souevks Level 208 Scania Phantom 4
+7 How to be a villain?
Wear glasses
~Log horizon~
Dec 21 2014
itoldyounoob Level 221 Arcania Paladin
I like it... except that last panel...
assuming that quotation is written wrong..?

Nevertheless, it was pretty enjoyable
Dec 21 2014
Voxous Level 209 Windia Blade Master Teased Guild
+7 Don't forget to shout out your attacks so that the protagonist knows how to counter.
Dec 21 2014
DProdigal Level 131 Windia Xenon 4
Not everyone dressed in all black with white hair is evil. I mean other people. I'm pure,unfiltered,evil.
Dec 21 2014

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