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How to drop a lot of mesos?

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Hey there.
Panthiro just unbanned me, but before ending the chat, he told me explicitly to drop all of my mesos.
I only have 37M on me now, however dropping all of that 50k at a time will take forever.
Does anyone have any ideas on how I could drop it faster?

P.S. Nyurak mentioned that Panthiro was "probably joking", however Panthiro mentioned that he wouldn't want to see me back in ban appeals, implying that I'd be banned again if I didn't drop all of my mesos. Does this sound like a joke to anyone else?
Posted: September 2013 Permalink


RadiantSnipe Level 210 Zenith Aran 4
Create a new character, transfer meso through storage, delete character?
Sep 26 2013
xdeltanator Level 173 Scania Dark Knight
Buy something that costs 37mil.
Sep 26 2013
Not bad ideas, but Panthiro specifically said to drop the mesos, claiming that that action would be recorded.
Sep 26 2013
Buy something that costs 37mil.[/quote]

and start the apocalypse again
Sep 26 2013

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