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How to earn mesos?

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jmztan Level 80 Izar Sniper
I play in Maplesea Jynarvis world, which is outrageously deserted, channel 1 fm 1 not a single store in sight. So far, I've been playing this world for a week, and I believe I saw less than 10 players so far, not counting bots.

I understand that there are many meso-making guides and videos available, the ways are pretty straight forward: merching, selling fames and the like, and the list goes on. However all these requires interaction with others. In such an empty world, I can't really put them to good use.

What is the most efficient way to earn mesos in this case?
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miauri Level 210 Khaini Buccaneer
Nothing you can do in-game will be more time efficient than getting a real life job and spending the money on the game. It's the super sad truth and not recommended, but you asked for the most efficient way..
Nov 04 2015
what @miauri said.

Sad but true, Maplestory isn't a game where you just make mesos easily without the use of buying NX
Nov 04 2015
generalstore Level 120 Kradia Night Walker 4 See what games, anime & art generalstore is intoGeneralStore
If your world is that dead, you're better off killing bosses and NPCing the potion drops to make mesos.
Nov 04 2015
appall Level 210 Windia Marksman
Start in a popular server. What's the point of playing a MMO with no people?
Nov 04 2015
johny2toes Level 160 Bera Wild Hunter 4
First part would be not playing in a dead server...
You said you've only played for about a week there, I'd leave that server and go to a more populated one. There isn't much sense being in a server with only a few players. + You'll enjoy the game much better when you have some friends / guild / alliance to talk to / play with.
Nov 04 2015
jmztan Level 80 Izar Sniper
So can I sufficiently say that, my best bet is to NPC pot/eq drops from bossing?
Apart from nx, obviously.
Nov 04 2015
2pro4um8 Level 171 Broa Luminous 4
Do not waste your time playing msea it is horribly outdated and dead.
Do some googling and learn how to play gms from a vpn, then make mesos
Nov 04 2015

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