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How to fund a Demon Slayer

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vadkinz Level 72 Renegades Demon Slayer 1
Hello, I'm a lvl 127 DS and my range is still 20k Pls help. And where do I get fafnir weapons.

My Demon Impact hits for 100k and my Demon Lash hits about 50k
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deeemon Level 211 Scania Hayato 4 See what games, anime & art deeemon is intoDeeMon
THREEP! Go to a store, buy some karma koin kards(racist nexon), charge your account.
Congratulations, you can now buy anything you want!

I didn't really funded mine. I relied on link skills, legion thing, and any sort of tradable equips with str potentials because untradable things stink like a pixelated dump. Get Fafnir thing in Auction Horse.

If you not lazy, you can try hunt Purple Senior equips at Hector and Brown Teddy, always come with epic potential. Don't tell nexon because they always nerf things to hell because nexon themselves came from hell! Try to find at least 4% str on each equip, then use transfer hammer thing to pass the potentials to higher equips, it'll upgrade to 6% strengths. Transfer hammer until those level 150 equip things, because everyone has those.
Congratulations, you now have 30% str from your hard work!
Apr 21 2018

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