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How to get abs?

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HelloMyCuties Level 165 Windia Battle Mage 4
Well anyone? All I just have is a flat belly ( Not that much body fat ), and I want some features to get some people oggoling over it... I'm currently 110 pounds at 5'6"-5'7", what can I do? :O


My friends are 5'9" and they're 105 pounds. And no I do not run a ring of anorexic.....
Posted: October 2012 Permalink


sohee Level 107 Demethos Demon Avenger 4
haha spoky skeleton in here.....
Oct 29 2012
Why do people come to basil for help, when there's google, and yahoo answers.
Oct 29 2012
AmyTheDino Level 51 Windia Mechanic 2
Google is your friend.
Oct 29 2012
airbrushing is the way to go. ask robert pattinson[/quote]

You gotta admit though, he's hot.
Oct 29 2012
Situps. Lots of them.
Oct 29 2012
Laker1294 Level 195 Windia Night Lord
Google Search ab work out videos.
Oct 29 2012
coolhops001 Level 100 Nova Priest
I got a good 5minute ab work out that i do

1st Min: Crunches as many as you can
2nd Min: Plank position
3rd Min: Requires medicine ball, go side to side with it
4th Min: Leg raises (Dont let legs touch the ground) you can go side to side with them to
5th Min: Start flat on back roll yourself up. basically you want to end with your knees up to the ceiling, feet flat on floor and back pointed up. (Dont know proper name for it)
Oct 29 2012
punx Level 70 Windia Mercedes 3
You weigh less than me and you're taller than me oh my god
Oct 29 2012

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