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How to get atleast 10k range

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LongCrayon Level 108 Windia Ranger
I have about 300m currently. I'm level 105 and will hopefully be 120 in.. less then 10 days and the only good items I have is a 3% Dex earrings, scar helm (not potted), and a 104 w. att kandiva. My range sums up to 3.8k with crappy equips thats clean with no pot.

Any suggestions?
Posted: October 2011 Permalink


Al3cs2Bladez Level 170 Khaini Battle Mage 4
idk about u but i have a perfect 162att VL dagger, 16attdkhhan, and about 24%luk and im struggling to get past 10k n my lower end of range
Oct 19 2011
ArchZach Level 113 Bera F/P Arch Mage
I wouldn't plan on getting over a 10k range with 300m.
Oct 19 2011
Silverk92 Level 145 Yellonde Dark Knight
Get more % dex equips, then focus on a better bow.
Oct 19 2011
Fangb1ade Level 158 Galicia Battle Mage 4
Umm imma DK lv 110 with a 12k clean range. >40% str and 135-150+ attk polearm should do the trick.I have 800+ str total, sooooo ya.
Oct 19 2011
Not a realistic goal for your current level sir. Spend that money on a bow that can last you a good 20 or so levels and from there just train at LHC.
Oct 19 2011
kpxblah Level 11 Windia
you could definitely work on getting more % dex. focus on getting %dex first before increasing weapon attack. make sure all your equips are above lvl71+ so you can get the best % available for your funding.
Oct 19 2011
NoNsensical Level 166 Windia Mercedes 4
Well, you could buy some cheap %dex crap. 3%, 4% AT THE MOST. Look for mispriced bows too. I got a 133 attack one for only 70m.
Oct 19 2011

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